Loose skin after weight management is among one of the most typical issues that people that drop weight have, yet just what could you do concerning it?

Is it an unavoidable repercussion of weight loss?

The answer is indeed and no as there are a variety of elements that will determine whether loosened skin will certainly be a problem.

Causes of Loosened Skin After Weight management:

Having a Lot of Weight To Lose

Generally speaking, the more weight you have to lose and the longer you lug the excess weight, the much more likely that loose skin will be a problem.

Pretty obvious really. The fatter you are, the more skin you require to cover your body.

It’s not purely real that your skin stretches. Your skin is a living body organ as well as expands larger via cell division.

Stretching as well as stretch marks, nevertheless, do take place when considerable weight gain takes place over a short period of time.

During pregnancy for example, during youth development spurts, when gaining huge amounts of muscle quickly …

The faster you do something regarding your increasing weight, the much less of an issue that loose skin will be later.

As with most things, avoidance is better than cure so do something about it now.

Rapid Weight Loss

In our experience, the quicker that a person reduces weight, the more probable that they’ll have loose skin after weight loss.

Most people want quick weight management, they do not desire to shed simply the advised 1-2lbs a week max, they want to lose it all tomorrow! Big mistake.

Your skin needs time to adapt to your new body shape. The longer it takes to shed the weight, the even more time your skin will have to adjust – to ‘diminish’ – as well as the less of an issue loose skin after weight loss will certainly be.

Forget collision or rapid weight reduction diet plans. Take an appearance at our totally free healthy and balanced weight loss strategy and also objective to lose no even more compared to 1-2lbs a week. Take your time.

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Losing Muscle

Another consequence of rapid fat burning is that you shed muscle. Your body usually loses a little muscle mass when you diet, yet the a lot more serious the diet, the even more muscle mass you lose.

Muscle is a significant component of physique as well as helps to ‘fill out’ your skin. Lose muscle and also there’s much less of you to submit your skin.

Eat adequate protein whilst dropping weight, avoid reducing your calories too severely and also do some workout as well as you’ll motivate your body to hang on to muscle cells and shed fat instead.

Stay Hydrated

Your skin tone trusts appropriate and ample hydration. Come to be dried and you’ll shed skin tone and elasticity.

Drink plenty of water around 2 litres a day and you’ll remain hydrated.

People usually reduced back on their fluid consumption when diet programs reasoning that it will combat water retention – the reverse is true. The less water you consume, the more likely your body is to hold on to the water its got.

Eat Some Carbs

Carbs are kept as glucose and glycogen. One part of glycogen is stored in your muscular tissues as well as liver with three parts of water.

Eat the ideal kind of carbs as well as you’ll help your body to stay hydrated.

Very reduced carb diets can create fast weight reduction, but a whole lot of that weight will be water and muscle.

Very reduced carbohydrate diet plans can for that reason add to loose skin after weight loss.

Feed Your Skin

Both from the in and the outside. Eat a varied as well as balanced diet regimen with lots of fresh fruit and also veg, which are stuffed full of the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy, toned skin.

Exfoliate frequently with a great skin treatment item as well as feed it with an abundant cream or ‘age-defying’ cream. One consisting of crucial nutrients to battle free radical damage triggered by the sunlight as well as pollution and to promote collagen and elastin production in the skin.

Collagen and elastin are in charge of skin tone and tension. Maintaining their degrees topped up will aid your skin to restore several of its elasticity.

Skin care items by themselves will certainly not avoid and also reverse extending and loosened skin after weight-loss, however they could assist when allied to a healthy and balanced diet regimen and also exercise.


Not much you could do concerning this one. The extent to which your skin could manage and recover from weight gain as well as weight management is to a level to your genes.

Some ladies experience stretch marks throughout and also after pregnancy, others don’t. Some individuals deal with loosened skin after weight loss, others don’t.

We’ve had customers that’ve lost a whole lot of weight and you would certainly never understand they ‘d ever been overweight.

Others can shed fairly small amounts of weight, as low as 14lbs, as well as could have problems with excess skin especially around their tummy that’s difficult to lose.

There’s no legislating for wonderful genes or the lack of them … however then life is typically not fair!


Loose skin after weight management is not unpreventable, depending on the variables above.

Lose weight slowly, maximize the percentage of fat you shed, construct some muscle, maintain hydrated as well as feed your skin and you could minimize or even negate the problem.

In severe instances, surgery could be an option yet just we would certainly recommend as a last resort.

Most people who have surgical procedure to get eliminate loosened skin after weight loss commonly still have lots of fat to lose!

A healthy weight management as well as exercise strategy is a whole lot less agonizing and much kinder to your bank balance.